Guide to making delicious Teassential iced tea

  1. Use 5 – 6 teaspoons Teassential tea leaves (equivalent to 5 pyramid tea infusers) / 1Litre of liquid.
  2. Use hot water for brewing (varies depending on the tea blends, if water is too hot, result will have undesired bitter taste, if not hot enough, result will not have maximum flavour)
  3. Remove tea leaves once fully brewed (varies depending on the tea blends, extended brewing time will result in undesired bitter taste)
  4. If adding sweetener (sugar or honey), add them while the water is still hot, and stir until fully dissolved.
  5. Chill the tea once brewed
  6. If using fruit slices, add them during brewing and chilling time to infuse flavour, I recommend not serving the “infusing fruit” as this would be soggy.
  7. Add freshly sliced fruit prior to serving if desired
  8. Only add ice before serving
  9. Make a fresh batch daily or every 2 days.