COVID-19 Closure

In supporting WA Government lockdown, our tea store close from Monday 1 February 2021 until Friday, 5 February 2021 and re-opening 11am on Saturday, 6 February 2021. You can still order through our online shop and support your local business. Love Teassential Team

Tea Store & Brew Bar
In The Heart of Perth City

It’s no secret, we at Teassential believe that a cup of tea is more than just a cup of tea. It’s a moment to your self, a moment shared with someone else, a gift, a pass time, a ritual in the night or a salute to the morning. Trust us when we say, we understand tea plays a unique part to one’s daily life. Some just can’t live without it, whilst some may save it for a special occasion.

However the leaves may steep, we hope the next time you’re pouring one of our Classic Black teas in your favourite cup or sipping a Signature fruity blend in the company of your favourite people; you’re brewing your own kind of happiness too.

We’re passionate about that!


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